Links Policy

Links from NHS Wales

All links from are selected to meet the aims and objectives of the website.

The aim of the website is to provide the people of Wales with access to information from the NHS in Wales and its partner organisations and to inform about the health of the population in Wales and the health and social care services provided by or on behalf of NHS Wales.

The objectives of the website include:

  • To provide a single point of access to links for all those seeking information about the health of the population of Wales and NHS Wales
  • To promote and provide easy, reliable access to resources provided by NHS Wales organisations
  • To promote public and patient understanding of the NHS in Wales
  • To signpost opportunities for public and patient involvement in the NHS in Wales
  • To provide information in Welsh as well as English, signposting Welsh language resources
  • To avoid duplication with other websites by working with and cross-linking to other health related national and local websites
  • To be responsive to user needs

Classes of links on NHS Wales include:

  • Links to NHS Wales organisations
  • Welsh Government links
  • Links to other NHS (non-Welsh) organisations
  • Links to other public sector organisations
  • Links to third sector organisations providing services on behalf of NHS Wales
NHS Wales does not routinely link to websites providing information on non-NHS services.

Linking to NHS Wales

We welcome organisations and individuals to create links to our home page and individual pages within our website, without requiring our permission to do so. However, we do request that those linking to our website respect the following conditions:
  • Links should not be used in a defamatory context
  • Those creating deep links should be aware that specific page URLs are subject to change without notice
  • With the exception of NHS organisations, the NHS Wales logo must not be copied and used to create links
  • We do not 'trade' links - if you choose to create a link to our website we will not offer to create a reciprocal link.